bug fixes; tail -f is blocking; logs should be pm not admin channels added better debug messaging. Backported from fixes in libIRCNOW branch

bug fixes - missing unveil and incorrect scope for variables znclog needed to be unveiled $sender and $val were defined before the loop but only needed inside the loop and every other use of it has local scope except where corrected. Fixed this in my libIRCNOW branch but backporting it to main branch.

Fixes handling of emails/approvals -- thanks to gry's suggested patch, with minor modifications

Fixed typo bnchostname

Correct email to use the bouncer hostname, patch thanks to IanJ

Check if accounts exists before approving, patch thanks to izzyb

Moved mail out of Mail module so Mail can be disabled

Clarified help instructions

Clarified help instructions

Fixed bugs in mail

Fixed missing

Clarified email message for accounts needing approval

Fixed mmmDDYYYY bug in

Change activate to approve

Make it easier to activate accounts

make clear what username was registered

Offer manual approval option for admins

Fixed installation and clarified BNC registration

Fixed bug

fix rows bug and also puts date back into botnow

Fixed issue in

Temporarily disabled captchas since they weren't working

Renamed makefile to install, fixed some minor issues in

Cleaned up some code, fixed help message

Moved the readnetworks subroutine into

Cleaned up configuration options

Imported sources