bug fixes - missing unveil and incorrect scope for variables znclog needed to be unveiled $sender and $val were defined before the loop but only needed inside the loop and every other use of it has local scope except where corrected. Fixed this in my libIRCNOW branch but backporting it to main branch.

Unveil sendmail and sh to send mail properly

Remove bug that causes staff not to get recognized if nick contains capitals

Fixed processing of conf variables

Move variable definitions

Create folder backups

Create folder backups

Make writes safer with backups

Make writes safer with backups

Try to make writes more safe

Safer writes

Moved mail out of Mail module so Mail can be disabled

Adding Mail support

Clarified email message for accounts needing approval

fix rows bug and also puts date back into botnow

Moved date subrountine into

Reorganized parts of code, deleted useless tests

Cleaned up some variable naming and diagnostic messages

Moved the readnetworks subroutine into

Cleaned up some conf values

Only connect to active nets