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KISSmo Perl is a dynamic and feature-rich pastebin application that operates on the Perl programming language. It provides a simple and efficient solution for sharing code snippets, text, or any other form of information online. With KISSmo Perl, users can easily create, store, and share their content with others in a secure and hassle-free manner. Visit the demo at
3 months ago
Poor User's Almanack: lessons for the young and old on industry, temperance, frugality, IRC & UNIX. To administer a free and independent network run by the users themselves.
16 hours ago
An IRC bot written in perl, to handle the creation of bouncers, shell, and other services:
2 months ago
jrmu's solutions to How to Design Programs (1st Edition)
2 months ago
Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
3 weeks ago
IRC at Scale:
21 months ago
IRCNOW-p5-libs is a set of perl libraries that make accessing ircnow data sets easy specifically, it understands the botnow database and provides a library for parsing log files. It was first announced and described on codeforge in this email:
6 weeks ago
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::botnowDB This BasicBot module provides access to the botnow.db data. It is designed to provide team members with access to data and stats about the users. It will also provide the ability for bots to query each other for data on users needed to check for abuse. The intent is to provide limited access to user account details needed for supporting users and detecting abuse.
4 months ago
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::wiki This is a Bot::BasicBot plugin that reads the rss feeds of pmwiki RecentChanges pagelist files to post updates in specified channels when people update pages on the wiki
5 months ago
This is izzyb's developement branch of botnow.
8 weeks ago
configNow is a set of configuration tools for shell accounts using this process for shell accounts on a remote vps.
2 days ago
gitgot is a set of scripts designed to automate the process of rsyncing user repos from their home directory into the proper spots on the public server. Its operation is described here: This repo will have the latest versions of the scripts shown at the link above.
4 months ago
jrmu's solutions for the K&R C Programming Language challenge
2 months ago
jrmu's Solutions to Learning Perl by Randal Schwartz et al.
2 months ago
Learn how to useful write IRC bots -- each one under 30 minutes! -- using perl
21 months ago
jrmu's solutions to Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
2 months ago
Learn to use Unix by solving puzzles in these interactive tutorials! Includes an introduction into IRCNow's principles of user freedom.
21 months ago
vmmmgr (vmm manager) provides a command-line interface for automating the creation and deletion of virtual machines for OpenBSD's VMM
8 days ago script for creating new virtual machines with openbsd vmm
4 months ago
vpsnow, rewritten in bourne shell. more bugs and more features.