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+Webnews.RecentChanges:1674887451: : recentchanges webnews install january 2023 mkf at 06 57 pm by
+TigerVNC.RecentChanges:1674887451: : recentchanges tigervnc install january october 2023 hawk 2021 ssh mkf by at pm 11 56 am 30 06
+Mlmmj.RecentChanges:1674887451: : recentchanges install january archive mlmmj hawk 2022 2023 mkf by at pm 10 52 48 06
+Xfce.RecentChanges:1674887451: : recentchanges install january xfce 2023 mkf at 06 17 pm by
+Php.RecentChanges:1674887451: : recentchanges install january 2023 php mkf at 06 52 pm by
+Eggdrop191.RecentChanges:1674887451: : recentchanges eggdrop191 december install yonle 2022 31 at 05 29 pm by
+Route.RecentChanges:1674887451: : recentchanges january naglfar usage route 2023 page add man 09 01 by at 25 am
Openbsd.Pleroma:1674823532: : authorized_ssh_clients generated_config pleroma_server administrative configuration microblogging httpd_server dependencies installation interruption certificates emailaddress information configuring remote_addr activitypub compilation _postgresql request_uri recommended permanently succesfully performance imagemagick server_addr server_port sufficient everything initialize repository connection correction installing configured ext_inet6 stacksize directory following openfiles interface dedicated forwarded uncomment replacing listening paramprob retrieved implement challenge args_file executing friendica installed http_host describes starting properly variable disallow username _pleroma protocol 50331648 increase database infinity instance multiple upstream location required strictly fuctions sbwtdcpu requests datasize redirect mastodon attempts yourself mix_prod software identity pixelfed exchange peertube messages hubzilla setup_db federate exiftool ifconfig security libmagic features loopback creating behavior consider enabling mix_env encrypt network openbsd editing started migrate default setting running seminfo disable specify crontab command follows datadir shminfo working session another unreach content respond headers replace echoreq example upgrade traffic options current reverse keypair sitting nodelay backlog version because misskey servers pkg_add prevent support waiting improve contrib control sbwtdio creates friends profile maxproc useradd higher insert append online values elixir socket robots ircnow plerup domain bottom double output script enable should starts relayd erlang window daemon ffmpeg return rebar3 people secret family htdocs adjust larger buffer adding during syslog single social assign forget having trying update icmpv6 highly rights shmmax toobig semmns lc_all export initdb kernel policy sysctl before latest macros reboot pgdata random failed needed strip rcctl check icmp6 first block using https class limit table pfctl shell asked login which under avoid index known paths match seems title write might after guide enter agent quick timex apply bunch doing crash state clone local trace rules alias three front 65536 cmake proxy press there lines en_us again gmake while still false scrub means then pass fedi deps sack when some type 4000 8182 ipv6 this www6 once ipv4 home root doas with 128m pick from sets drop skip want them next than hurt load urpf that done json have will none stay over save grep tmux didn flag 2048 true what acme only exit like psql well used copy wiki busy into new exs ksh git can hex but tcp phx gnu ftp mvo api 127 etc utf bin txt won tls fit aux 302 php url its let bit any has vm 80 by cd v1 ok wx p5 df
Akkoma.Install:1674823499: : authorized_ssh_clients generated_config administrative configuration akkoma_server installations dependencies distribution httpd_server interruption emailaddress certificates remote_addr configuring imagemagick succesfully server_addr permanently information server_port _postgresql compilation recommended request_uri performance initialize everything additional connection configured repository sufficient akkomagang installing functional correction paramprob interface stacksize directory args_file forwarded following listening openfiles ext_inet6 retrieved challenge ajacoutot frontends dedicated describes executing http_host uncomment replacing installed setup_db enabling disallow required database protocol instance variable probably 50331648 starting features username location loopback behavior software security attempts exiftool fuctions datasize mix_prod multiple creating redirect requests strictly sbwtdcpu infinity increase consider ifconfig properly libmagic upstream echoreq seminfo running unreach content example editing openbsd shminfo network replace setting default keypair backlog nodelay disable claudio sitting reverse respond encrypt command specify traffic follows options datadir started upgrade headers working mix_env pleroma _akkoma version backend creates profile contrib pkg_add sbwtdio bundled crontab current waiting improve because maxproc migrate project another session prevent useradd suffice enable double append robots output export should having higher trying lc_all values daemon domain elixir adding semmns insert stable single syslog relayd ircnow htdocs return forget change family reboot adjust before rights erlang plerup latest ffmpeg longer socket window toobig shmmax secret failed random initdb sysctl pgdata policy buffer during macros icmpv6 bottom kernel rebar3 highly script starts needed update assign asked shell https enter check index press write pfctl quick under match avoid rcctl proxy agent which bunch again en_us first scrub 65536 seems paths local block alias might while extra these timex rules icmp6 trace title class login using false clone doing known strip lines there three after crash state cmake gmake guide limit added apply fedi home this 4000 that psql root ipv6 into pass done exit your busy ipv4 from when with grep didn 2048 www6 have will then deps drop save once skip urpf type load none copy flag 2018 tmux 128m sack true 8182 most acme only fork want pick used also well wiki them over sets than json some next 2017 hurt 127 can mvo ftp git etc api utf ref phx its has new exs bin ksh bit dev hex tcp fit tls any won aux url txt let php 302 by v1 80 wx 06 09 23 ok vm 08 cd 49 p5 df
Botnow.Install:1674805014: : requirements information hostnameif repository configure openhttpd opensmtpd services download software bouncers sendmail detailed cloning install openbsd liberty provide summary botnow gotweb ircnow please readme static shells system action chroot index https title other clone wiki ipv6 path used here more znc php and org bin cgi git nsd tgz you can by is
@@ -153,7 +160,6 @@ Letsencrypt.Expired:1662422401: : letsencryptrootcert
Baytuch.RecentChanges:1661105522: : recentchanges baytuch august 2022 bio 21 at 05 48 pm by
Baytuch.Bio:1661104115: : programming activities specialist operating installed computer programs windows baytuch machine celeron studied system basics bought father first write began intel based when 1400 2005 this then with and bio was mhz my to of me xp
Doas.RecentChanges:1660709656: : recentchanges configure doas june 2022 jrmu 09 at 07 56 am by
-Php.RecentChanges:1660527531: : recentchanges install 2022 jrmu php may 03 at 11 pm by
Squirrelmail.RecentChanges:1660527531: : recentchanges squirrelmail february version naglfar install connect webmail usually update server your 2022 org php and svn 23 to it am 25 09 06 by 1 4 8 x
Eggdrop193.RecentChanges:1660525386: : recentchanges eggdrop193 install august 2022 ran 14 at 05 17 pm by
Ircnow.Pioneer:1660453560: Freedom.Freedom Vps.Vps Minutemin.Bootcamp Shell.Shell Unix101.Unix101 Ircnow.Servers Ircnow.Goals Ircnow.Minutemin : requirements applications independence oregontrail billionaire supporting controlled contribute monopolies nameserver marketing minutemin volunteer corporate homestead configure webserver material platform monopoly verified purchase pioneers learning proceeds business tutorial personal bootcamp articles bouncers firewall security services includes offering sysadmin network private openbsd startup project digital unix101 welcome against servers sharing created account virtual upgrade freedom minimum contact regular towards website domain ircnow elites custom months charge become answer social center course attach finish rigged worked friend mutual method future rfloat system shell goals media share write staff refer below apply three email using title width users train their today there dream claim equal 50pct build keep your ceos blog made bots this 5hrs tech with code into week life file they want send over join what find 5usd help will get can and vps who don png any how run own put org was tls new set vpn lan by 4
@@ -255,7 +261,6 @@ Dns.Registrars:1650490238: : list_of_top_level_domain
Hosting.Providers:1650487970: : colocationamerica restrictions hkcolocation jurisdiction hosthongkong researching alternative cryptocoins filesharing sunnyvision afterwards simcentric delegation censorship especially guidelines reputation acceptable transfers political dedicated important religious residence filtering providers singapore operating endoffice corporate microsoft australia questions community offensive serverrun unhelpful customer friendly continue criteria torrents purchase software untested includes anything serverhk required leaseweb payments shutting supports services country servers centers located insists certain replied another content freedom options hosting respond silicon openbsd respect systems privacy already useful speech strong notify easily before define policy allows africa ircnow ignore google amazon subnet valley should often money https needs legal avoid email large these reply trial south title abuse offer court first where order reach vpses which their check time have your give data ddos will when they team does what size user such ipv6 vpns also game rdns asia this upon good that them send bank cash find fast aren long been law day and usa how org can few ovh ask get by 3
Openbsd.Gopher:1650486553: : developed community tutorials protocols different codevoid spartan history openbsd gopher gemini please having sdfeu alive https kept very what that note the old and due are web org
Ntpd.RecentChanges:1650486334: : recentchanges configure april ntpd 2022 jrmu at 06 17 am by
-Route.RecentChanges:1650486334: : recentchanges route usage april 2022 jrmu at 06 am by
Signify.RecentChanges:1650486334: : recentchanges signify verify april 2022 jrmu at 06 24 pm by
Openbsd.Adduser:1650485252: : encryption partition passwords questions fullname blowfish warnings username dotfiles creating mistakes default disable unbound nologin welcome message adduser reading openbsd goodbye another uration option prompt groups authpf method daemon pbuild logins silent couldn config chance shells passwd master xenodm invite check later enter rrect input there about added class staff worry guest will skel from home copy into 1001 bgpd doas send auto your path want find for znc ksh gid 999 bin etc don let any new all see csh uid ok if be
Signify.Verify:1650479056: : verification cryptography signature install71 verifies properly verified tampered download provides checksum message openbsd signify corrupt utility against checked verify public sha256 either failed signed easily other wrong https using files amd64 been with hand this will want mean that make sure list your base have lets org ftp key has may see iso etc man ok x
@@ -385,7 +390,6 @@ Unrealircd.RecentChanges:1642631202: : recentchanges
Irc.Federation:1642631202: Relay.Relay Census.Census : subnetworks centralized federation redundancy namespace fediverse together services username complete distinct maximize ensuring approach federate policies channel example control prevent similar freedom relayed affect unique should matrix domain census better these while email title does each will true have also able team bans this that form from take then irc its own now run and not set can of if
Opensmtpd.Openrelay:1642631202: Openbsd.Dnsbl Openbsd.Dkimproxy Netcat.SMTP Openbsd.Opensmtpd : misconfiguration configurations unintentional blacklisted destination fakedomain otherplace configured improperly censorship relay_dkim pretending recipient opensmtpd rejection dkimproxy addresses openrelay sometimes external crackers internet messages criminal spammers example invalid configs prevent appears openbsd malware viruses trojans running domains similar receive pleased ruleset privacy testing another because provide chances spoofed reading victim sample allows relays either server action netcat beware notice though sender anyone banned abused forged bypass should likely hello using check flood email trash hosts esmtp local comes never dnsbl title these match often being worms above could only that this here make sure when from hide will your helo with says been rcpt want meet user also don 143 163 250 why 550 and fix how get has 220 but put can see to if we 38 81 ok
Dovecot.RecentChanges:1642631202: : recentchanges november dovecot install 2021 hawk 28 at 12 30 pm by
-TigerVNC.RecentChanges:1642631202: : recentchanges tigervnc december install october 2021 hawk jrmu ssh by at pm 11 56 am 00 12 23
ZNC.Troubleshoot:1642631202: : troubleshoot bindhost messages getting records options clear your have znc dns fix two the set not if
JuiceSSH.Connect:1642631202: Shell.Shell : hostverification copytoclipboard authorizedkeys connections alternative identities juicessh password identity consider software tutorial details private sonelli attach google manage update logged public export please source import share shell title https store using play free open note apps with main png tap com new is
MailWindows.Connect:1642631202: : authentication windowsmail mailwindows information otherwise advanced password incoming username outgoing settings creation accounts internet requires address connect section sending desired choose server ircnow enable attach select needed wizard please manage follow bottom point email imap4 setup there title will same left this show icon smtp type pick fill done with your have any and are ssl png put org see if
@@ -982,7 +986,6 @@ IPv6.Overview:1632736037: : unfortunately hexadecimal
AppleMail.RecentChanges:1632736037: : recentchanges applemail february connect 2021 jrmu at 04 38 pm by
Thunderbird.Connect:1632736037: Thunderbird.Pgp : authentication thunderbird02 configuration thunderbird05 thunderbird06 thunderbird07 thunderbird01 customize encourage configure manually starttls password username download settings complete security address account connect actions bottom server switch ircnow attach corner normal select click inbox tools email your once done left menu from open port fill imap smtp for png org ssl 587 → pgp and tab top new can 143 is we
AppleMail.Connect:1632736037: Freedom.Freedom Email.Email : chooseprovider addaccount02 addaccount01 proprietary selectapps connecting applemail consider gpgtools outgoing software incoming details specify freedom encrypt protect appears sending server attach ircnow unable client should source charge reason longer click begin using inbox https title login with then this done sign menu fill from your open help need type imap will want for but org can use png and may →
-Webnews.RecentChanges:1632736037: : recentchanges webnews install march 2021 jrmu 08 at 05 13 pm by
Outlook.Connect:1632736037: : following outlook01 outlook03 outlook02 anything settings password username options account connect attach please server adress corner change button press steps first check after email ready buggs error open test join send have kind will know this then next left seen file new jpg for you and let too all don of if go
Outlook.RecentChanges:1632736037: : recentchanges february outlook connect 2021 jrmu at 03 23 pm by
PSFTP.Connect:1632736037: : psftp01 connect attach png
@@ -1052,9 +1055,7 @@ MacTerminal.RecentChanges:1632736037: : recentchanges
Termux.RecentChanges:1632736037: : recentchanges connect termux august 2021 jrmu 11 at 05 28 am by
Irc.Clients:1632736037: Bouncer.AdiIRC Bouncer.Adium Bouncer.AndroIRC Bouncer.Atomic Bouncer.Colloquy Bouncer.Hexchat Bouncer.HydraIRC Bouncer.IRCForAndroid Bouncer.IRCCloud Bouncer.IRCCloudWeb Bouncer.IRCCloudAndroid Bouncer.IRCCloudiOS Bouncer.IceChat Bouncer.IrcEX Bouncer.Irssi Bouncer.Igloo Bouncer.KiwiIRC Bouncer.Konversation Bouncer.KVIrc Bouncer.Limechat Bouncer.Mibbit Bouncer.MIRC Bouncer.Nettalk Bouncer.Pidgin Bouncer.Quassel Bouncer.RevolutionIRC Bouncer.SimpleIRC Bouncer.Smuxi Bouncer.Textual Bouncer.Thunderbird Bouncer.TurboIRC Bouncer.Vision Bouncer.WeeChat Bouncer.XChat Bouncer.XChatAzure Bouncer.Yaaic : irccloudandroid revolutionirc ircforandroid konversation proprietary irccloudweb irccloudios thunderbird simpletable xchatazure simpleirc emulation hydrairc limechat turboirc colloquy sortable androirc bouncer weechat quassel nettalk textual clients icechat kiwiirc hexchat windows license atomic adiirc vision apache mibbit pidgin border smuxi gplv2 igloo irssi yaaic linux ircex width gplv3 class kvirc adium name mirc wine ✓ 100 mac bsd
MIF.RecentChanges:1632736037: : recentchanges nsturtz test june 2021 mif 25 at 12 42 pm by
-Mlmmj.RecentChanges:1632736037: : recentchanges install mlmmj july 2021 jrmu 08 at 04 pm by
Eggdrop.DuckHunt:1632736037: : modifications fonctionnera correctement beginning suprieure putloglev duck_hunt duckhunt original eggdrops version comment scripts details regsub lindex return erreur 00304 https votre will page line some 1620 html with s228 the que run out for sur les tcl all est to fr la of 45
-Xfce.RecentChanges:1632736037: : recentchanges install august xfce 2021 jrmu 11 at 05 04 am by
Openbsd.Sic:1632736037: : installation community messages suitable examples natively suckless commands setting scripts pkg_add channel support default clients openbsd ircuser joining written leaving sending stdout making prints ircnow unlike common access simple needed target usage doesn which place quick where using stdio lines reads with used than they work nick code from sent into doas most sic are for org ssl tls 250 of by is
UsersCategoryMirrory.IRCFreeHomesteadVPS:1632736037: Freedom.Freedom Vps.Vps Minutemin.Bootcamp Ircnow.Servers Ircnow.Goals Ircnow.Minutemin : userscategorymirrory ircfreehomesteadvps verification applications independence oregontrail billionaire nameserver monopolies willamette supporting controlled minutemin marketing configure webserver corporate volunteer portfolio firewall purchase referral bootcamp services bouncers includes security personal business platform pioneers monopoly sysadmin proceeds offering freedom website network digital towards montana private virtual startup upgrade created servers provide trusted methods sharing welcome require against rigged system ircnow elites answer social charge center course custom domain future resume friend rfloat valley attach learn claim today apply 50pct dream width weeks their staff email month media photo train title build goals there equal notoc help your show want with join blog bots they from file tech four over what ceos keep send 5usd this life made own get who can org run and png tls set jpg vpn new was are don lan by 4
Ircnow.PioneerTldr:1632736037: Vps.Vps Minutemin.Bootcamp Shell.Shell Ircnow.Servers Ircnow.Goals Ircnow.Minutemin : verification registration anonymously oregontrail independent pioneertldr supporting subdomains minutemin including marketing homestead portfolio volunteer webserver personal referral purchase proceeds included tutorial firewall bootcamp internet sysadmin qualify servers trusted network website provide unix101 upgrade account sharing virtual private openbsd methods towards course ircnow become finish custom browse friend social rfloat create attach resume charge staff goals shell weeks month media photo title apply width today learn claim 50pct price with free must four file bots 5usd show from your mail what join chat over blog keep apps vps the and run own for can png who vpn set not get of by 4
@@ -1320,7 +1321,6 @@ Eggdrop.NickServ:1628148425: : nickserv eggdrop
Medals.Intro:1628066087: : simpletable outstanding suffering minutemin finishing lifetime specific benefits criteria sortable training minetest service ribbons serving heroism account veteran general webhost gopher silver medals awards result legion border bronze crypto ircnow purple beyond heart latex shell admin class width merit intro honor above going users valor star duty harm nntp roll mail call year name 100 sip dns the for vps one of
Dns.Zonefile:1627982517: : subdomains debugging restarted hopefully redirect fallback zonefile servers stories careful records problem updated changed trains ircnow serial causes issues number beaaaa should horror likes doesn heard grape thing check empty faa1 come 2605 wait 24c2 1ee7 2d52 6400 0030 with 390d jrmu also turn want same yeah each have this name some that such gry has the you lot bad nsd log dig org ohh and var but brb did dns 12 ok of 11 08 09 10
Minutemin.Ifconfig:1627909143: : installations information interfaces 0xffffff00 autoselect 0xff000000 multicast broadcast something prefixlen mentioned minutemin referring dependent allmulti priority hardware ethernet changing software ifconfig chagning loopback promisc network simplex address netmask getting usually adderss scopeid options without running changed besides virtual maximum openbsd status active llprio groups pflog0 egress packet lladdr adding utilty stack inet6 index local flags 33136 using other 32768 exist times shows about which media this like fe80 vio0 enc0 used they will size most 1500 8b43 8049 ipv6 fedd them ee06 2002 ccff 1040 mtu can nat em0 mac and you but set lo0 0x1 141 any 127 0x3 128 78 56 34 bb aa 48 64 by
-Eggdrop191.RecentChanges:1627900198: : recentchanges eggdrop191 install august 2021 jrmu at 05 07 am by
Almanack.Alt:1627890732: : almanack alt
Eggdrop.Simple:1627890556: Tls.Intro Dns.Vhost Dns.Overview DNS.RDNS : protectfriends dynamicinvites dynamicexempts protecthalfops configuration enforcebans stopnethack init_server sanitycheck dynamicbans dontkickops botusername userexempts userinvites revengebot examplebot loadmodule retrydelay protectops attempting autohalfop compressed connecting configured installing exclusive different nodesynch quotepong autovoice serverror correctly unchanged theactual lowercase plaintext statuslog directory timestamp nnickname lamestbot overwhelm essential inactive timezone alltools blowfish undernet freenode quakenet logfiles overview settings newusers wherever incoming userinfo loadhelp chanmode benefits maxsends negcache birthday putquick possible channels chanfile dccwhois realname notefile optimize userfile sysadmin filesize location paranoid mkcoblxs autosave userbans assigned filesys default console timeout scripts several network entries because chanset created address eggdrop reverse warning account running confuse replace forward aclocal altnick botnick addhost logsize contact opchars instead trigger updates unlinks complex simpler botname require telnets stealth dupwait prevent meaning support modules finally chanrec remote ignore suffix notify source attach offset switch filedb please banner hourly vhosts pbkdf2 exists expire finish fields cannot vhost6 upload vhost4 format unbind prompt onjoin capath global dalnet mixing answer dloads reject static ircnet libera prefer twitch shared action secret choose autoop inside length things bounce called double ircnow stoned uptime unique using queue flood notes binds short intro might kicks shell owner flags leave cycle among other hello allow focus boots split which quiet ident learn modes front below mydir email limit stack efnet block there types rizon order party 86400 greet given bitch uname title these lines socks simul cmds home ctcp life must deop 0600 perm open seen rate show 1024 xfer idle keep copy quit cidr rdns pick rest just from your like 6667 irc6 6697 want into have ipv6 will this evnt proc sure motd when plus make very with best only most ssl and msg tcl 200 tmp 120 300 tls org etc die thr raw has fwd mco buf 180 any aop txt 100 cbc pwd by m4 50 15 hp dk ws
Openbsd.Vhost:1627871572: Openbsd.Openbsd Openbsd.Znc Openbsd.Psybnc : configuring connections associated configured resolution addresses recommend following hostname redirect possible pointing multiple hostmask nickname connects supports cooldude networks fallback creating properly remember specific bindhost yourself normally forward reverse openbsd binding example section confirm bouncer running perform lookups suppose provide however another instead content happens domains records pointed servers logged subnet answer choose ircnow single vhosts assign custom entire unique rescue notice psybnc client either anyone entry words check money since could heart binds title which often using first would users world brown ident means match ipv6 tell each when this that ipv4 d00d have will c001 rely upon john only 2001 with need rdns both then arpa such aaaa from 3600 give take want same must even cost and way 192 org 168 can set znc dig ptr db8 lot out why isp had get 64 48 by