Now prevents creating accounts that exist in database with a password

quickfix for user password override - prevent creation if isstaff()

Use putserv instead of printing directly to socket

Minor fixes and reorganization

Applied miniontoby's suggested patch

Added Miniontoby's suggested patch for VPNs

Use freeshell login class by default

Fixes handling of emails/approvals -- thanks to gry's suggested patch, with minor modifications

Auto generate ISO dates, patch thanks to xfnw and IanJ

Remove PHP dependencies

Fixed typo bnchostname

Unveil sendmail and sh to send mail properly

Properly disable accounts using usermod -Z instead of expiring them, patch thanks to IanJ

Correct email to use the bouncer hostname, patch thanks to IanJ

Ensure that only enabled modules have help messages displayed, patch thanks to izzyb

Check if accounts exists before approving, patch thanks to izzyb

Add new file to merge old database with new one

Remove bug that causes staff not to get recognized if nick contains capitals

Fixed regex bug that would cause relayd.conf to get wiped out

Fixed regex bug that would cause relayd.conf to get wiped out

Fixed regex bug that would cause relayd.conf to get wiped out

Fix report perms

Make sure to copy report

Fixed processing of conf variables

Fix bug where approve falls through

Add backups folder

Add backups folder

Move variable definitions

Create folder backups

Create folder backups

Make writes safer with backups

Make writes safer with backups

Try to make writes more safe

Avoid restarting the mail server

Safer writes

Moved mail out of Mail module so Mail can be disabled

Added mailhostname

Regex error

Regex error

Fix file bug

Fix file bug

Sleep to give server time to restart

fix permissions bugs

fix permissions bugs

fix permissions bugs

Fix permissions complaints in

Cleaned up writes to files

Fixed permissions

Fixes for

Clarified help instructions

Clarified help instructions

Clarified help instructions

Fix rDNS bug

Turned mail request off until bugs fixed

Fixed bugs in mail

Fix senderspath

Fixed missing

Adding Mail support

Clarified email message for accounts needing approval

Fixed mmmDDYYYY bug in

Fix perms issue in

Fix perms issue in

Fix perms issue in

Fix permissions for

Change activate to approve

Make it easier to activate accounts

make clear what username was registered

Default is auto approval

Offer manual approval option for admins

Fix broken verification URL for

Fixed installation and clarified BNC registration

fixed perms

Fixed bug

fix rows bug and also puts date back into botnow

Fixed issue in

Fixed install

Fixed install

Remove makefile and replace with install

Change install permissions

Moved date subrountine into

Temporarily disabled captchas since they weren't working

Renamed makefile to install, fixed some minor issues in

Cleaned up some code, fixed help message

Revised README/LICENSE and other errata

Reorganized parts of code, deleted useless tests

Cleaned up some variable naming and diagnostic messages

Moved the readnetworks subroutine into

Cleaned up some conf values

The timestamp of the connect times is now recorded in its original string and epoch seconds. The names linked by ip are now flagged in the IP links list at the bottom of the report. **username** less then 5 min between connections *username* between 5 min and 10 min between connections. It only checks the last connections for each user currently. This will help identify links that aren't simply someone got the same ip -- Commit by izzyb

Rename to botnow

Only connect to active nets

Only connect to active networks

Tool for publishing reports by izzyb

Cleaned up configuration options

Use php 7 due to compatibility issues

Imported sources