added command line params for bin/ Initial work for staging Initial work to create staging repo and merge config. Seems to be a bug I haven't had a chance to fix yet. usage for bin/ added. bin/ account <users>

Initial support for staging git renamed shellname to account. adding of configNow repos to the stageNow repo as submodules.

Added acmeClient and CustDomain modules. only write files if we have content.

code cleanup. Added repo_log() and repo_status() and more output

Reworked how output files are generated renamed {configNow} to {gitWorkDir} in config hash $type added to module keys to allow specifying group vs user output filenames for modules now stripped of leading / write_file() and delete_file now responsible for prefixing path with {gitWorkDir} {lists}->{filenames} generated during IRCNOW::ConfigNow::load_mod() - hash of filenames => array of module objects wanting to write to file - write_config() now uses the filename hash to find output to write more cleanup needed but seems to work currently.

moved repo code to subs in Now checks if the repo is clean before creating files. Added $self->{repo} to store the repo object.

Initial work to auto commit config changes to the repo

intial work to write config to files and create git repo Now appends the output to the specified file for each file in a module. Creates the directory tree needed.

Moved poc into proper ConfigNow module structure with plugin model Currently outputs SmtpDove and prosody config files.

Removed IRCNOW as a submodule, Making this submodule of IRCNOW

Initial work on a script to create user and shellname accounts

inital setup with IRCNOW submodule