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Izzy Blacklock

New parser for znc tables in chat (master)

Started breaking up the irc response parser up into smaller chunks. can now parse table responses from znc *status channel. More debug messages then necessary. no useful output at this point. Parses the field header and field data into an array of arrays. Need to capture from *controlpanel and *blockuser still

Izzy Blacklock

code cleanup, pod document, debug messages

Izzy Blacklock

Imported account related DNS subs from

Added use of carp instaed of die and better debug messages in places created bin/ as a test/example script of using the functions in IRCNOW::Acct::DNS. Currently confirmed nextdns() works. Still need to work on pod documents and confirm the rest of the subs work. was used as a base for and a copy of it made into for the tests related to the IRC module.

Izzy Blacklock

copied to

Initial import - no changes to imported file



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