New parser for znc tables in chat Started breaking up the irc response parser up into smaller chunks. can now parse table responses from znc *status channel. More debug messages then necessary. no useful output at this point. Parses the field header and field data into an array of arrays. Need to capture from *controlpanel and *blockuser still

Initial rebrand of BotNow::Mail and BotNow::VPN. Not tested yet

Rebranded BotNow::Shell to IRCNOW::Acct::Shell. Removed botnow specific irc code. Merged code from into a comment at bottom of Looks like it should be a .pl not a .pm. Will turn it into a function in

Initial addition of BotNow::* modules to IRCNOW::Acct::*

code cleanup, pod document, debug messages

Imported account related DNS subs from Added use of carp instaed of die and better debug messages in places created bin/ as a test/example script of using the functions in IRCNOW::Acct::DNS. Currently confirmed nextdns() works. Still need to work on pod documents and confirm the rest of the subs work. was used as a base for and a copy of it made into for the tests related to the IRC module.

moved to; start of accounts base

Created ./bin dir for example code with README

rebranded and removed irc specific stuff from botnow

copied to Initial import - no changes to imported file

Bigfix - add missing IO::Socket and IO::Select

bugfix and cleanup

bug fix

Moved creating arrays from strings to IRCNOW::IO::IRC::new()

Moved main IRC socket processing and response loop from botnow

bugfix - missed $self-> for createsockets() call

used package globals as default values in ircnow::IO::IRC::new() had a bug with $bots pointing to and empty array. updated to use the package globals as the source for default values in the object.

Added new() and function for socket creation moved socket creation from botnow script added new to create $irc object maintained compatability with calling functions in object mode or function mode as procausion for legacy code. NOTE TO SELF - should add a warning to output to recommend updating to object mode

Added debug messages to

Made our $IRCNOW::IO::backupspath

corrected missing shared global vars

added missing our $call;

added isstaff() to

added IRCNOW::IO::verbosity2const() function

Added date/time and email functions from ponbot code corrected $dbLevel to $verbosity in export_ok list Also added POD documents to

Moved to doc/

refactor: rename instance to self

fix: add backwards compatible verbosity levels

docs: fix docs

docs: update docs

ci: linting

feat: allow setting verbosity

docs: update readme

fix: file paths

feat: add logger module

Added checks for data to insert before calling dbInsertRecord()

Added debug() messages to libraries and tested Seems to work well using exported constants.

Added debug() and debug level constants Can now selectively import the debug() function an defined constants like this: use IRCNOW::IO qw(:DEBUG); updated to use it.

Moved basic io functions from botnow to lib/IRCNOW/ Started moving code from botnow into IRCNOW:: library

Moved database related functions to Added as a base class for log parsers. It has stub functions for common database functions to make the code easier to view/manage at the application level.

Start of a library set for accessing data on ircnow network servers Current version connects to an botnow database and the parses the znc log file. It can create a database table for the znc log and read the last line from the database table. The test application does a simple dump of the parsed data file. It can skip the records from the dump based on a passed record. Working to abstract some of the code into a IRCNOW::ParseLog and IRCNOW::Database library to make future log parsing tasks easier.